Microwave and Optoelectronics Laboratory

We are enlisted in the Telecommunications Department of the Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology Faculty (ETTI) from the "Gh. Asachi" Technical University (TUIASI) in Iasi, Romania

We currently cover inside ETTI the fields related to:


Nr. Course Shortcut Code Type Semester Credits Weekly Examination Link
Optoelectronics, Structures, Technologies, Circuits  OSTC  DIS405M  DIS  2C,0S,1L,0P  Colocviu  details 
Microwave Devices and Circuits for Radiocommunications  DCMR  DOS415T  DOS  2C,0S,1L,0P  Examen  details 
Optical Communications  CO  DOS410T  DOS  3C,0S,1L,0P  Colocviu  details 
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits  CIMM  DS605RD  DOMS  11  2C,0S,1L,1P  Examen  details 
Advanced Techniques in the Design of the Radio-communications Systems  TAPSR  DS508RD  DOMS  2C,0S,1L,1P  Examen  details 
Applied Informatics 1  IA1  DOF135  DOF  2C,0S,1L,0P  Verificare Partiala  details 
Modern Web Applications Design  TMPAW  DS507RC  DOMS  10  2C,0S,1L,1P  Examen  details 
Practica Damian 3  PRCT3  ETTIPR  DIC  0C,0S,1L,0P  Activitate  details 


Rezultatele la examenele din presesiune, la DCMR, CO, OSTC, TAPSR, CIMM, sunt afisate pe paginile disciplinelor.
Written by Radu Damian on 19/04/2016
Consultatii proiect de diploma, in fiecare vineri, orele 10-12, I.4-I.6 (sau, dupa necesitati, II.12)
Written by Radu Damian on 07/04/2016